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~ Attending artists please read ~
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  • All attending artists must abide by all local health regulations. These regulations are basic and pretty consistent to the health regulations in many other states
  • Be in your booth when the gates open every day of the convention!! DO NOT stumble into your booth late after the gates have opened for the day!!
  • DO NOT break down your booth early Sunday of Ink Mania Expo Convention until the event has completely ended. It is very disrespectful to the attendees and fellow artists at the festival to break your booth down early!!!
  • Artists will be allowed to work late to finish up tattoos in progress, permitting only the artist and client are present for the duration of the session (Sunday excluded)
  • Attending artists are responsible for following all Health Regulations required by the state, country or city in which Ink Mania is held
  • Artists must have all clients thoroughly read, fill out and sign all release/ consent forms provided in your check in packets
  • Artists must inform clients of care instructions and give clients aftercare instructions provided in your check in packets
  • Your studio or yourself must have a website, Instagram, Facebook and/or webpage to be considered for a booth at Ink Mania Expo
  • Gloves must be worn when tattooing or piercing a client at all times
  • Sharps containers must be used. Each booth will have a complimentary sharps container provided
  • All needles & razors must be properly disposed of into the sharps containers provided at your booth
  • Pre-packaged, sterile instruments must be used during all tattooing and piercing procedures
  • Be sure to bring enough disposable tubes and instruments to get you through the busy weekend. If not Ink Mania would have a exclusive supplier World Famous Tattoo Supplies
  • Anyone caught scrubbing tubes in public restrooms or hotel rooms will be in violation of health codes and will be asked to leave the event and its premises
  • Suppliers will be present at the event so you can buy any supplies you need
  • Paper towels will be giving to each booth two per booth
  • Artists and piercers who are tattooing or piercing private areas (nipples and genitals) must have an enclosed/private area to do this in
  • Artist must comply with all needle agreements; care instructions and client release forms
  • Artists must inform all clients in regards to how to heal their new tattoos
  • Artists must bandage all new tattoos with lap cloths or dry lock materials only. No clear saran wrap!
  • Board of Health fees must be prepaid prior to working
  • No food or drinks allowed in tattoo booths
  • No smoking in tattoo booths or anywhere in the Convention Center
  • Artists/Studios need to pay temporary licensing fees
  • Artists need to bring blood borne pathogens & cross contamination prevention certificates for Board of Health inspections prior to be allowed to work

Any individual may enter any contest provided the tattoo fits into the category chosen.

All competing tattoos for all categories must be FULLY HEALED (with the exception of tattoo of the day).

Out of State artists click here to get your Florida tattoo license

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