The Rules:

  1. All artists need to be part of the show.
  2. Ink Mania does not provide the artists with the client who they are going to tattoo.
  3. If Artists need a client Ink Mania could get them a client but will not charge them for the tattoo.

The Prize:

  1. $500
  2. An official Ink Mania Belt
  3. Post on Social Media and on the Website
  4. Certificate (winner from each pair)

The Time Frame:

  1. June 10th Friday @ 4 PM artists will go to the stage and start the challenge. We will pick random 3 elements, the artists would have to draw and have the artwork complet. Each artist would challenge each other. At 8pm we will pick the best artwork from each artist.
  2. June 11th @ 8pm We will pick winners of each group then we will choose Best overall.
  3. June 7th Sunday @ 1 pm Artists will go the stage to start the last challenge. The 2 artists would get 3 Random elements given to them, they have to draw and do the best tattoo they can. Later at night, we will pick the winner.

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Rules for the Completion

1. Need to Register on Friday Enter at front desk desk (Fee $50 will give you weekend pass plus enter for competition)
2. You need to have visible tattoos (The more the better)
3. Show will start at the stage at 7pm on Saturday, June 11th
4. This is a clean show so keep it clean.
5. You would have to wear a bikini so we could see the tattoos.
6. You need to be 18 and up years old.
7. We recommend bringing fans
8. Winner will pass trophies so they need to stay the weekend

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5pm June 11th

2 Females 2 Male dancers
45 Min Show

Includes dances Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand ( Maori Haka ) Tonga, Fiji, Samoan slap dance, LED knife

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