Stop Tattooing Crap

Saturday @ 12pm in the Seminar Room | Register Here

What is the most important thing about tattoo business?

Clean lines?
A solid application?
Follow the rules of the style?


If you don’t want to be a tattoo artist just to pay the bills, discover how to escape from the infinity symbol tattoos, compasses with roses and all conventional tattoo formulas copied from internet. Learn how to sell your ideas and creative style… without losing your mind! Tattooing is not only about having skills, the real portfolio is a happy client. Stop blaming your client for the bad ideas!

This seminar is about one of the most important techniques in tattooing, customer service!

Marketing Madness

Saturday @ 1pm in the Seminar Room

Finding the line of cheesy advertising and finely tuned authentic effective marketing isn’t always as simple as it should be. Tactics and techniques that work wonders for some will produce no results for others. First, we’ll dissect the essentials of a strong cohesive (but not overbearing) marketing plan, how different factors will affect the market, and then blast through so many different marketing tactics that you will be dreaming about wondrous marketing campaigns and actions for a very long time.

Every attendee will leave with a clear set of marketing actions they can use to help spread their art and message far and wide.

Get the Perfect Tattoo

Public Seminar – Friday @ 3pm at the stage

Get the Perfect Tattoo! This presentation is for the public and covers all the essential bases for getting a great tattoo!

Essential Foundations

Artists and Apprentice Seminar – Sunday @ 3pm in the Seminar Room

Making sure you have your essential bases covered. Don’t lose your hard work 10 years from now for mistakes you are making now. For studio owners and managers.

Reinventing the tools we use

Sunday, June 12th @ 12pm – 3pm. Costs: $150 | Register Here

Subject: A comprehensive and complete workshop offering on experience in all aspects of the tools you work with every day. An eye-opening and informative experience that until now has been a closely guarded secret.

What you will receive: You will get to build a tattoo machine and get the answers to questions you have always had on coils and rotary machines as well as power supplies, battery packs, future tech, and much much more from the man who claims to be Tony Stark of the tattoo industry Mr. Chris Sanford owner, engineer, designer, and master builder of the Rook.

Bio: Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get the real answer from someone who really knows them. Chris has been a tattoo artist for over 20 years and has taken the world by storm by literally reinventing the tools we use and breaking down the preconceived notions that others live by. If you’re ready for a profound understanding of the equipment you use and a life outside the box others try to force you into then this should not be missed.

Dates and Time will be posted up soon.

Featured Sponsors

Realistic 3D Areola Tattoo Seminar

Artists Seminar by Lita Edwards – Friday @ 3pm (3 hour course)
$150 per person | Register Here

You will need a power supply and tattoo machine, the rest will be provided.

Learn the dimension, color, and artistry of creating life changing tattoos taught by Lita herself. You will have hands on application learning in how to create a fully realistic areola/nipple tattoo, while Lita explains the process and works with you one on one. She discusses what it takes as an artist to work with delicate skin and scar tissue and a more in depth understanding of the emotion it takes to carry them through.

  • 14 year tattoo artist / 10 years as scar cover up specialist
  • Scar Coverup/Camouflage Expert
  • Highly Publicized on local and national television media
  • Featured Artist in Multiple Industry Magazine Publications
  • Featured in most local Newspaper Publications
  • Referred artist by Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Speak for Women’s groups, Rotary Club, city of Dunedin, Florida hospital
  • Featured in Dunedin Museum 2019 Tattoo Exhibit “Jagged lines, the history of tattooing in America”
  • My work will be the primary project for linking the tattoo and surgeon community at the annual plastic surgeons conference in Orlando 2022, with the intent to work with legislation in establishing a better program for those interested in this type of work, that surgeons can call upon nationwide
  • Feature interview in multiple podcasts
  • Creator of crooked lines
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