Ink Mania Show Guide

Pain Magazine will be hosting a Show Guide for all Ink Mania attendees this coming June 8th-10th. This guide will serve as an informational tool to help attendees navigate their way through the show’s top artist and exhibitor booths.

Artists have two options: A full page ($75) or 2-page spread ($150)- both will include artist bio*, images of their best work + booth location. Space is limited and is first come, first served. Simply fill out the submission form by clicking here or call our office at 505-332-3003 for additional information and deadlines. Artists & Exhibitors will remit payment through PayPal.

Submission guidelines are below…

For Exhibitor Ads (Please let us know if you would like help in creating your ad):

  • Live area: 5.125W x 8.125H
  • Trim size: 5.25W x 8.25H
  • Bleed Size: 5.5W x 8.5H
  • CMYK Only, PDF Files

For Artist Submissions (we will design the layout in-house):

Artist Bio- include write-up about yourself, strengths, education, etc. (You may also create a Q&A type of article/content). Please limit content to 150 words. 4-5 images of your best work (high resolution, 500K or higher, jpeg or tiff files only). Booth number, shop / contact info, social media / web info / handles.

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